The Power of the Pause

April 13, 2016    BY Joe Taft

Yogas chitta vritti nirodha: "Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind." Take a moment to "pause" and join Joe in a 40-minute gentle, restorative practice. Quiet the mind with a meditative, supported supta baddha konasana (reclined bound-angle pose); sharpen the mind with heating, standing balances. Enjoy a nice, long wind-down sequence, and commit to "pausing" for total relaxation: mind, body, and spirit. 

Props: bolster, 2 blocks

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Joe Taft
Joe Taft believes in the power of Yoga to transform oneself physically, mentally and spiritually. Joe has been teaching in Asheville, North Carolina since 2001 and is a celebrated national workshop teacher as well as a member of the Asheville Yoga Center’s teacher’s training faculty. Joe’s teaching style is a synthesis of dedicated hard work, deep study, and a unique fusion of various schools of yoga, which culminates in a powerful system of yoga that is easy to grasp and practice.... Read more>>


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