45 min

Twist for Balance

with AnaMargret Sanchez


Want a practice that detoxes the body, balances the mind, and stimulates agni? Twist it out! 

Linking breath with movement, you'll practice seated and standing twists interspersed with strengthening, forward bending, and back bending postures such as chair pose, standing forward bend, warrior III, and locust. The session ends with a relaxation in savasana and the practice of alternate nostril breathing. 

Props: blanket(s) for sitting and yoga block (optional)

Audio and video downloads are available for Digital Members.

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AnaMargret Sanchez

AnaMargret Sanchez

AnaMargret Sanchez has studied extensively with Rod Stryker and is a certified Para Yoga teacher. She also has extensive yoga therapy training, has trained in India at the Viniyoga school founded by... Read more>>