Yoga for Dancers: A Practice to Support External Rotation

August 6, 2016    BY Mecquel

Want to work on your turnout? In this alignment-focused flow, Mecquel demonstrates how to optimally externally rotate at the hip sockets. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of hip openers, and work to develop hip strength with a series of compression and extension movements, including: tabletop hip circles, wide-legged forward folds, and standing splits. 

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Mecquel is a practitioner and dancer who has been teaching yoga and movement since 2002. With her degree in Psychology and years of work as a behavioral therapist, Mecquel addresses aspects of the whole person, body, and mind, in yoga practice and movement. Rooted in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Bhakti traditions, and influenced by the study of modern and improvisational dance techniques, Mecquel seeks to train the body and mind for freedom in movement which comes from strength, range of... Read more>>


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