Yoga Talk Podcast 49: A Chocolate Bar for Your Dosha!

with Yoga International

Kat and Kyle interview ayurvedic specialist Kathryn Templeton and Moka Origins co-founder Jeff Abella about all things chocolate and ayurveda.
Break off a square of your favorite chocolate bar and join us!

Talking points include:

  • Why is there so much guilt around sugar? What’s the ayurvedic perspective?
  • The six tastes: Why each one matters and the importance of striking a balance.
  • Why moderation can be so difficult, and why extremes make us boring!
  • The importance of subtle tastes.
  • The importance of not feeling guilty about what we eat.
  • The health benefits of chocolate: What are they and how much chocolate should we eat?
  • The value of truly savoring our food.
  • A Moka Origins taste test!
  • Kathryn recommends which chocolate bar might be best for your dosha (take our dosha quiz here).
  • More about Jeff's chocolate-making process.
  • How Moka Origins gives back.

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