Yoga Talk Podcast 51: An Interview with Curvy Yoga Founder Anna Guest-Jelley

November 6, 2017    BY Yoga International
yoga talk

Join Kat and Kyle as they chat with Anna Guest-Jelley, the founder of Curvy Yoga. Anna shares her story—what inspired her to begin teaching and, ultimately, to found Curvy Yoga. She also offers tips for creating a sustainable home practice, accepting your body, and more.

Talking points include:

  • Why your body is perfect for yoga
  • Anna’s book, Curvy Yoga, and what it has to offer
  • Accepting the changes in our body size that occur over time
  • Tips for creating a sustainable (true-to-you) yoga practice
  • Making space for what “is” rather than what should be
  • Tips for learning how to listen to your body
  • Shifting away from diet-minded thinking
  • Where you can learn more about Curvy Yoga

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