Yoga Talk Podcast 54: How to Be a Yoga Renegade

with Yoga International

Kat and Kyle talk with Melanie Klein (co-founder of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition) and Dianne Bondy (founder of Yoga for All) about the new book Yoga Rising, the follow-up anthology to Yoga and Body Image. Melanie curated and edited this groundbreaking new book and Dianne wrote the foreword (and also graces the cover!). 

Talking points include:

  • What Yoga Rising is all about.
  • How the yoga and body image conversation has evolved over time and how Yoga Rising plays a part.
  • Why Melanie chose to feature a diverse range of experiences in this book. 
  • Feelings that can arise when we're confronted with social injustices (and why anger is okay).
  • The power of “taking up space” and making peace with ourselves (a theme of Yoga Rising).
  • Internalizing oppression: how and why many people often censor themselves/make themselves smaller.
  • “I don't hate people who are a size zero!” (Clearing up a common misconception people have about body-image activism.)
  • Making room at the table for everyone and how a lack of diversity makes organizations unsustainable.
  • Opening to the complexity of communicating with others instead of developing hard-and-fast polarizing opinions.
  • Everyone's experience with yoga will be different, and that's what's empowering: Yoga gives each of us something that is authentically our own.
  • and more…

Learn more about Yoga Rising here and buy Yoga Rising here.

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