Yoga Talk Podcast 58: Talking Forrest Yoga and Body Positivity With Erica Mather

with Yoga International

Kat and Kyle chat with Adore Your Body Telesummit founder and Forrest Yoga Guardian Erica Mather about developing body confidence, cultivating body positivity in yoga spaces, what to do if your (yoga) lineage conflicts with your values, and more.

Talking points include the following:

  • What is Forrest Yoga and what is a Forrest Yoga Guardian? 
  • Body positivity and body confidence. What happens when positivity seems out of reach? Where do you begin if you hate your body?
  • What does body positivity mean in the context of a yoga class?
  • Matthew Sanford is awesome.
  • Addressing body confidence and feelings of body hatred in men.
  • More about body image in relation to gender. 
  • As yoga teachers, asking ourselves: “What are my values and do they align with what I'm teaching and what I've been taught?”
  • Acknowledging and addressing the flaws in our lineages.

To learn more and to explore these talking points further you can visit Erica's website, check out Erica's blog, and read her blog post, 4 Considerations for Teaching “Body Positive Yoga,” which we reference during the podcast.

To practice with Erica online, visit her Soundcloud page.

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