Yoga Talk Podcast 60: Evidence-Based Yoga With Colin Hall

with Yoga International

Kat and Kyle are joined by yoga teacher, religious studies and kinesiology professor, and fellow science-enthusiast Colin Hall to discuss the importance of evidence-based research, the problem with pseudoscience in the yoga world, and more.

Talking points include:

  • Looking at yoga through a religious-studies lens.
  • The value of “pirate yoga.” 
  • Where does the science come in? What does it have to do with a traditional, often mystical practice like yoga?
  • The importance of teaching from an evidence-based perspective (and what we mean by “evidence-based”). 
  • How can yoga teachers articulate something that they can't back up with scientific evidence but still think is important?
  • Why we value fact-checking at YI.
  • Teaching from experience but avoiding pronouncements and certainty (being clear and honest, not imposing our “truth” on other people).
  • The unintended messages that yoga teachers can send.
  • How scientific research can often seem inaccessible and superstition and pseudoscience can often feel more accessible (and more fun). 
  • Derren Brown's experiment and the similarities between savasana and hypnosis. 
  • The mystery and magic of reality. 
  • The ultimate question: How do we make evidence-based yoga sexy?

Visit Colin's YI profile to read his articles and take his classes. Some of our favorite articles that Colin has written include:

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Original score for this podcast is by Austin Joy.

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