Yoga Talk Podcast 61: Meet Buddha Body Yoga Founder Michael Hayes

with Yoga International

Kat and Kyle chat with Buddha Body Yoga founder Michael Hayes about making yoga spaces welcoming for yogis in larger bodies, plus-sized props, what differentiates a Buddha Body class from your average yoga class, and more.

Talking points include:

  • What to expect from a Buddha Body Yoga class.
  • Props that are useful (and not so useful) for people with larger bodies.
  • Ways teachers can make their classes more accessible for yogis in larger bodies.
  • Tips for people who'd like to try yoga but aren't comfortable going to a studio.
  • The value of going beyond yoga and exploring other movement practices.
  • What a yoga wall is and why it's an amazing tool for larger-bodied yogis.
  • ...and more!

Learn more about Michael Hayes and Buddha Body Yoga here.

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