Yoga Talk Podcast 62: Important Conversations (With Kesse Hodge)

with Yoga International

Join Kat and Kyle as they chat with Yoga International contributor and founder of, Kesse Hodge, about the problem of gendering yoga, yoga and atheism,  and practicing when you live with chronic pain or illness.

Talking points include:

  • Common ways yoga teachers reinforce gender binaries and stereotypes. (And is there even a reason to gender our language in yoga classes?) 
  • The benefits and challenges of being an atheist yogi, and why it can be so hard to find a fully inclusive yoga community in general.
  • Are we watering down yoga when we don't make it spiritual?
  • Deconstructing the idea of the “enlightened” and “all knowing” teacher and encouraging students to be self-empowered.
  • and more!

To learn more about Kesse, visit their website and their Yoga International author page.

For an additional resource about the spoonie community, read their article: Spoonies, Yoga, and Chronic Illness/Pain.

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