Yoga Talk Podcast 63: The Yoga of Moderation With Bryan Kest

with Yoga International

Join Kat and Kyle as they chat with Power Yoga founder Bryan Kest about yoga and moderation and why we are so often drawn to extremes. Bryan also explains what “power yoga” truly means (and it may surprise you). 

Talking points include:

  • What is the “power” part of Power Yoga about?
  • Major misconceptions about health in the fitness world and how they can affect our yoga practice.
  • Why extreme workouts are overrated and how gentleness leads to more sustainability.
  • What Bryan means when he says, “We brought our crap into yoga and now we're turning yoga into crap.”
  • Being okay with who you are because there is nothing wrong with you! 
  • From pushing physically taxing detoxes to encouraging people to go beyond their physical capacities, why are yogis so often drawn to extremes? 
  • ...and more!

To learn more about Bryan, visit his website.

Read Bryan's blog post: Western Fitness Absurdity

Check out Bryan's upcoming 8-Week Online Teacher Training & Immersion.

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