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Kat and Michael are talking fashion—yoga fashion! Tune in for a discussion about what we wear when we practice, how that’s changed over time, the booming yoga pants industry, and how yoga-related fashion has become such a big deal both in and out of the studio.

Talking points include:

Yoga clothing today

Yoga clothing throughout recent history 

The invention of spandex! 

Yoga in India vs. Yoga in America, by Arundhati Baitmangalkar 

The Kundalini Yoga Guide to Yoga Clothes, by Ramdesh Kaur

Yoga pants in the news!

The sexualization of yoga pants 

Yoga pants bans in schools

Can you still wear yoga pants in Montana?! (Spoiler alert: Yes.) 

Accidentally see-through yoga pants in the news

  • Plus! Kat's tips for avoiding see-through yoga pants 

Yoga clothing and thin privilege 

Celebrity yoga and fitness lines 

Sustainable clothing brands and Etsy stores that we love

We asked our super-awesome (and super-stylish) colleague Gisela to share her favorites. Here are her top picks:

  1. Kiava Clothing
  2. Cozy Orange 
  3. Yoga Hyde
  4. Onzie
  5. On Etsy: satyayogawearMatterYoga, and AryaSense

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