Yoga Talk Podcast 12: When to Practice What?

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Whether you’re putting together a class or a home practice, Kat and Michael have a few tips for safe and effective sequencing.

*Today’s podcast is inspired by Kat’s article: “5 Common Sequencing Errors” plus a bunch of other stuff in Kat’s brain, and a bunch of stuff in Michael’s brain.

Talking points include:

  • How to begin?
  • Time of day
  • Save the seated forward bends for later!
  • What to do before and after backbends
  • When to break the rules
  • The importance of shavasana
  • When to teach pranayama and meditation
  • Sequencing to a peak pose

Sample class/sequence outline:

   1. Centering (sitting pose, shavasanamakarasana, child’s pose; breath work)

   2. Warm-up/dynamic movement

   3. Sun salute variations and lunges

   4. Handstand/forearm stand preps and variations

   5. Standing poses

   6. Core work  

   7. Lateral hip stretches

   8. Arm balances

   9. Backbend preps and backbends  

  10. Seated twists and forward bends

  11. Finishing pose(s) (happy baby, legs up the wall, etc.)

  12. Shavasana (guided relaxation)

  13. Pranayama

  14. Meditation

Additional resources:

“How to Teach Asana for Healing and Transformation: Why Sequencing Matters,” by Shari Friedrichsen

“Handstand Tutorial,” by Mark Stephens

“A Sequence to Prepare for Urdhva Dhanurasana,” by Rod Stryker

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