Yoga Talk Podcast 14: Sex, Drugs, and Ayurveda

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Editor's note: This week's podcast (the last third in particular) gets a little graphic and NSFW. You might want to keep your earbuds in for this one. 

Kat and Michael are joined by their favorite ayurvedic practitioner, Kathryn Templeton, for a frank discussion about yoga's “sister science.”

Talking points include:

What is ayurveda anyway? Kathryn gives us the “elevator conversation.”

Yoga and ayurveda

Getting right to the interesting stuff: 

What’s the ayurvedic view of cannabis?

When to wine (or other libation of your choice)

  • Historic medicinal use of alcohol 
  • Bourbon and butter? 
  • Choosing the right wine for your dosha 
  • Keep your eyes peeled for Kathryn's upcoming YI video, “When to Wine.” 

Let's talk about sex

  • What's the deal with ojas? (Does ejaculation really deplete it?)
  • Wait, what's ojas again? 
  • So, ayurvedically speaking, how often can we do it? 
  • Sex according to the seasons
  • Receiving pleasure supports ojas (hooray!).

We can't forget the rock 'n' roll

  • Our friends The Householders just released their third album, Yama. This podcast's outro is one of our favorite tracks, “Thieves” (played in its entirety!). You can listen to or purchase the album at their website.
  • And check out their new video:

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Our intro is “Namaste Nation” by The Householders. Listen to the whole thing on their Soundcloud page:

Kathryn and Michael busting out some pre-podcast Salt-'n'-Pepa tunes.

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