Yoga Talk Podcast 15: Learn About Jivamukti Yoga

May 15, 2015    BY Yoga International
yoga talk

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Kat is joined in the studio by Jivamukti teachers Jessica Stickler and Luis Davila!

Talking points include:

Meet Jessica and Luis! 
  • Who they are, and how they first started practicing 
  • How their practices changed over time
  • What drew them to Jivamukti Yoga
What's Jivamukti Yoga?
Jessica Has an Awesome Practice Podcast! 
The Benefits of Live Music in Class
Important Issues in the Yoga Community
  • Body Image
  • The Value of Scripture Reading
  • Mindful Activism

What's Next:

  • Look for lots of super-awesome upcoming classes and tutorials from Jessica and Luis on
  • Visit Jessica's website for info about her classes, workshops, retreats, and events, and visit to find info about live Jivamukti classes with these two amazing teachers.

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Our intro and outro is "Namaste Nation" by The Householders. Listen to the whole thing on their Soundcloud page

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