Yoga Talk Podcast 17: Ditching Yoga Speak

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This episode of Yoga Talk is about…yoga talk! Kat and Michael discuss yoga jargon, yoga clichés, and what it really means to “find your voice.” 
(This week's episode is especially geared toward yoga teachers, but we think there's some useful, interesting, and/or humorous info here for any yogis who interact with fellow humans on a regular basis!) 

Talking points include:

Yoga Jargon

Active Vs. Passive Language

  • When to ease up on the “ing”-ing 

Avoiding Filler Language

Be Specific and Kind 

The Four Gates of Speech

Keep It Real

  • Teach as though you were teaching to a group of your closest friends or family members.
  • Let your personality shine through.
  • Infuse your classes with a little bit of the stuff that you love to geek-out on. 

Remember: You Don't Have to Be Perfect!

  • We all mix up our rights and lefts now and then.

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