Yoga Talk Podcast 27: How to Teach Teachers

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Kat and Michael are joined by one of their teachers, Shari Friedrichsen, to discuss teaching fellow teachers. 

Talking points include:

Prerequisites/preparatory steps that a teacher should consider before starting their own teacher training

  • Become fully established in your own practice.
  • Attend various seminars and workshops (backbends, prenatal, etc.).
  • Ask to assist your favorite teacher.
  • Study the philosophy and really contemplate its meaning.
  • Teach a seminar/workshop yourself.
  • Teach a seminar/workshop geared toward other teachers.

How teaching teachers differs from teaching the general population

  • Teaching yoga to a general audience has certain unique needs.
  • Teaching teachers has a completely different set of unique needs.

Often, 200-hour teacher trainings are filled with participants from diverse yoga backgrounds and of diverse skill and experience levels. How can teacher trainers gauge where their participants are coming from, and how can they teach in a way that’s beneficial/accessible to everyone?

  • Each person can find a bridge to the ancient philosophy of yoga.
  • How to make scientific sense out of a pose
  • What are the authentic foundations of practice?
  • A training can ALWAYS have something to teach an advanced teacher.
  • The wisdom of yoga comes through every style.
  • The subtler teachings of yoga, like loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy, and equanimity, are deep and universal.

How to create 200-hour teacher trainings, and how Yoga Alliance fits into your strategy of curriculum design 

Shari's upcoming training: Mastering the Art of the 200-Hour Teacher Training

  • An advanced certification program that trains teachers to teach their own teacher trainings
  • ​It's a five-day training.
  • It runs November 4-8. Oops! We got the dates wrong on the podcast—November 4-8 is correct!

We have listener mail about episode 24: The Pornification of Yoga. 

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