Yoga Talk Podcast 31: Doshas and Dating

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Kat and Michael are once again joined by their favorite ayurvedic expert, Kathryn Templeton, who's here to share her ayurvedic relationship tips (which aren't JUST about dating), right in time for the holidays! 


Talking points include:


Do opposites really attract?
What's your dosha?
Doshas, time of life, and our relationships with ourselves and others
  • Your prakriti (essential nature) doesn't change, but your relationship to it does as you go through time.
Stages of relationships
  • We don't always mature chronologically. Maturity (unfortunately!) doesn't necessarily come with age. 
  • Emotions are temporary (but not bad!) 

Long-term relationships: Growing apart and growing together 

  • Self expression 
  • Personal responsibility

Why therapy is awesome

  • Getting a fresh perspective 
  • Creating space 
  • Locus of control: Inside Vs. Outside 

The importance of positive attention 

Seeing the whole person

  • Doshas and emotions 
  • Compartmentalizing to learn the foundations (of ayurveda), then putting it back together to make it whole

Mind/heart connection in ayurveda 

Self-understanding/self-identity and dating 

  • Understanding your partner too
  • Not “personalizing it”

Fun with dosha pairings! 

  • We talk about “Moonstruck” again. 
  • Commitment (to one another and to self-understanding) is more important than what your doshas are (but Kathryn reminds us that some pairings can be particularly delightful…)
  • The same attributes that draw us to each other can also repel us from each other.
  • Building a bridge of empathy. Appreciating someone even if you don't understand them. 

What's the secret to happily ever after?

  • (Spoiler alert) It's empathy, communication, an internal locus of control, and mutual support.

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