Yoga Talk Podcast 32: Your Yoga Questions Answered!

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Kat and Emily are joined by expert teacher Sandra Anderson answering questions submitted by YOU, our listeners!

Topics include:

  • Should yoga be our only form of exercise?
  • What happens when we can no longer practice as intensely as we used to? 
  • Why is it so much more challenging to maintain a daily pranayama practice than a daily asana or meditation practice?
  • Is it more beneficial to practice asana a shorter amount of time more often, or a longer amount of time once in awhile? 
  • How important is it for teachers to use (correct) Sanskrit in class?
    (Unfortunately, the article that Kat mentions in the podcast no longer exists online. But you can hear our previous discussion which references it in Yoga Talk Podcast Episode 5: Where Did These Poses Come From?)
  • The role of individual body proportions in asana.
  • Yoga teachers often talk about emotions being “held” in different areas of the body. Is that actually true? 
    (Seriously, Sandy's response to this is awesome; you've gotta hear it!)

Take Sandy's classes and read her articles at Yoga International. 

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Our intro and outro is “Namaste Nation” by The Householders. Listen to the whole thing on their Soundcloud page:

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