Yoga Talk Podcast 36: Yoga and Social Justice (Part I) with Sam Miller

August 4, 2016    BY Yoga International
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In part one of this two-part podcast, Kat talks about yoga and social justice with Portland yoga teacher Sam Miller.

Talking points include:

  • Sam's yoga story
  • Addressing personal privilege and thinking critically.
  • Suggestions for how the yoga community can become more inclusive.
  • The importance of safe spaces.
  • Complexity of cultural appropriation.
  •  "Cultural Appropriation and Yoga" by Emma Dines at Queen Street Yoga.
  • The importance of not oversimplifying yoga's history. 
  • The power of listening. 
  • Intent vs impact.
  • Body image.

Watch for part two of this podcast, where we continue the conversation with Dianne Bondy.

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