Yoga Talk Podcast 37: Yoga and Social Justice Part II

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Kat and Kyle discuss yoga, social justice, and body image with yoga teacher and activist Dianne Bondy. Dianne is a leading voice in the Yoga for All movement, founder of Yogasteya, a writer, teacher, and model for Yoga International. Her work has also been published in Yoga and Body Image and YES Yoga Has Curves. Learn more about Dianne at You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Talking points include:

  • Dianne's story
  • Using yoga as a tool for equality, equity, and social justice 
  • The Yoga for All movement
  • Tips for how teachers can serve
  • Social media and conscious allyship
  • Capitalism and co-opting messages
  • Radical self-acceptanc
  • Lesley Kinzel's book (Editor's note: Oops! it's Two Whole Cakes, not Too Whole Chickens!)
  • The power of language
  • The Accessible Yoga conference
  • Dianne's article: Making Yoga Truly Accessible
  • Tips for how practitioners can make yoga more accessible
  • Tips for how teachers can make yoga more accessible
  • Yoga Alliance scholarships
  • Authentic vs. inauthentic change

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