Yoga Talk Podcast 42: Navigating the Yoga Internet with Dianne Bondy

with Yoga International

Kat and Kyle talk with renowned teacher and founder of Yoga for All, Dianne Bondy, about the benefits and challenges of online yoga.

  • How Dianne got started teaching yoga online
  • Where you can find Dianne's classes
  • Common practice questions Dianne receives
  • How online yoga can create opportunities for diversity 
  • The dark side of the yoga internet
  • Negative comments vs. constructive criticism 
  • The impact of language 
  • Tips for comment etiquette 
  • Dianne's recommended practice resources
  • Teachers who have influenced Dianne (and why they have!)
  • The importance of gender diversity in yoga
  • The importance of making beginner yogis feel welcome in class, and representing beginners on the internet
  • Yoga perfectionism and body shaming
  • Dianne's upcoming projects

Learn more about Dianne Bondy here

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Original score for this podcast is by Austin Joy.

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