Yoga Talk Podcast 44: Beyond Asana with Britt B. Steele

February 10, 2017    BY Yoga International
Kat and Kyle sit with yoga teacher Britt B. Steele at her yoga farm in Oregon to discuss living in balance, inclusive yoga, and weaving practice into daily life. 

Talking points include:
  • Britt's yoga story
  • How to use your practice to study yourself
  • How to live in balance by using the five elements and aligning with nature
  • "If you can breathe, you can do yoga." 
  • Bringing yoga into everything that you do
  • The importance of observing your bedtime and morning habits, and daily habits in general
  • Love and integration as yoga 
  • Life at the yoga farm 
  • The divine masculine and the divine feminine
Learn more about Britt B Steele here.

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