Yoga Talk Podcast 46: YogaQuest! Part II

with Yoga International

In part II Kat and Kyle interview YogaQuest teachers Vanessa, Kris, and Steve about their experiences in YogaQuest teacher training, community building, and numinous aspects of practice. YogaQuest is an organization that blends pop culture, fan fiction, and storytelling with yoga. Listen in and learn more about what it has to offer.

Talking points include:


  • What sets YogaQuest training apart from other teacher training programs.
  • How these teachers got involved with YogaQuest.
  • The pitfalls of pseudoscience in yoga.
  • Body image concerns on the yoga mat.
  • Finding a teacher training that works for you.
  • Community building.
  • Spirituality in yoga and spirituality in geek culture. 


Learn more about YogaQuest here.


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Original score for this podcast is by Austin Joy.

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