Yoga Talk Podcast Episode 47: Men’s Yoga and Men’s Yoga Clothing (with Jered Seibert)

February 21, 2017    BY Yoga International

Kat and Kyle talk with founder of Warrior Wear (a yoga clothing company for men), Jered Seibert, about challenges and stereotypes that male practitioners can face, yoga clothing for men, addressing competition on the mat, body image, and much more! 

  • Jered's yoga story
  • Advice for guys trying find a yoga class that works for them
  • How to work with competitive feelings on the mat 
  • The relationship between yoga and body image
  • The importance of self-confidence 
  • Does the lack of men's yoga clothing make yoga less accessible for men?
  • What Jered considers when he designs yoga clothes for men
  • The importance of function in fashion
  • The value of not coercing people to do yoga

Learn more about Jered Seibert's company, Warrior Wear, here

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