Yoga Talk Podcast 53: Falling Back in Love With Yoga (With Dianne Bondy)

with Yoga International

When the honeymoon period is over and we start to fall a little (or a lot) out of love with yoga, how can we rekindle the fire? If you find your practice or teaching is losing its luster, join Kat, Kyle, and Dianne Bondy for some practical advice and lighthearted inspiration. 

Talking points include:

  • Yoga as a lifestyle vs the identity of being a “yogi”
  • Getting real about yoga snobbery
  • Ways to keep yoga fresh when things get boring
  • Moving past perfectionism 
  • Realizing you can be you when you teach 
  • Embracing a variety of yoga styles and practices 
  • Pushing back against spiritual bypassing 
  • Getting out of our heads and into our bodies (how does practice feel?)
  • Embracing “I don't know”
  • Judgey and self-righteous yogis (why!?)
  • ...and how to catch our own tendencies to be judgmental and self-righteous
  • Striking a balance between yoga friends and non-yoga friends
  • Coping with the pressure to practice a certain amount and making time for the amount of practice we actually need
  • Self-care and why it's always important

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