Yoga Talk Podcast 6: Yoga Music!

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Today's show is all about yoga, music, and yoga music. With special guests, The Householders! 

Kat is joined by YI assistant producer Kathryn Ashworth and three members of The Householders—David Goddard, Nema Nyar, and Jaylen Green. 

Talking points include:

  • The origin of The Householders 
  • What is kirtan/why is it transformative?
    Kirtan 101 by Linda Johnsen
  • The current/contemporary yoga music scene 
  • —Crowd funding 
    —Kathryn's interview with MC YOGI
  • Yoga and music festivals
    —The Householders talk about performing at festivals and their upcoming Festival of Colors & Bhakti Fest tour. What goes into the whole touring process? What’s it like to be on the road and backstage at these kinds of venues?
  • Yoga teachers collaborating with local DJs and musicians
    —Live music during class
    Yoga Rocks the Park

Music during class in general: Yes or no? 

  • Playlists are a big part of class planning for some teachers/yoga teachers as DJs
  • Tips for the non-DJs among us to consider when creating a class playlist 
  • 5 Music Tips for Sequencing Yoga Class Playlists by Alex King-Harris at Yoganonymous 
  • Playlists/mixes made by others:
    —Yoga playlists on Spotify
    Yogi Tunes
    —Playlists we like: Impression and Lost in Space by Chris Calarco at Yoganonymous 
  • Music during shavasana? Yes/No? Depends? If so, what?
  • Pop music-themed asana classes
    —How Kat learned to quit being a yoga-snob
  • Music-centric classes vs. background music in class
  • Yoga raves —Very cool. Not what we thought.

Special outro treat: Listen to Mukunda Madhava in its entirety. 

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Our intro is “Namaste Nation” by The Householders. Listen to the whole thing on their Soundcloud page:

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