Yoga Talk Podcast 8: Yoga and Relationships

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Kat and Michael discuss mindful dating, making friends in asana class, and the ever-important practice of “not being a jerk to people” (ourselves included).

  • How can yoga help us to navigate our relationships more skillfully? (Can it?)
  • Are there ways that yoga (or at least yoga culture) creates relationship barriers/challenges?
  • The practice of “not being a jerk to people” (including ourselves) can be way more challenging than a one-handed eka pada galavasana.

Romantic relationships and dating

  • Lots of yoga/relationship resources have been geared mostly toward married, heterosexual, monogamous couples (often with children, and often with presumptions about income and availability of resources). This can be frustrating for those who don’t necessarily fit into those boxes. Thanks to the internet we are hearing more diverse voices, but we still have a long way to go.
  • Many of us today do not fall under the traditional definition of a householder, but we’re not necessarily interested in a life of celibacy and/or singleness either (though some people are, and that's totally awesome too!) How can we “live our yoga” when it comes to dating and romantic relationships?
  • Dating in accordance with our ethics: being honest, kind, and intentional.
  • We love Caroline Beaton's thoughtful, practical article Practice for Romance: How Yoga Can Help Us Understand Dating.  

Yoga and online dating

Yoga friendships!

  • Yoga class and teacher training as a place to meet/make friends
  • Importance of community
  • Why the “yoga bubble” can be problematic 
  • Why making friends can be hard when you’re the teacher/establishing boundaries without isolating yourself
  • Great article from J. Brown’s Yoga Teacher As Friend

Relationship with community outside of yoga

  • In what ways can we as teachers/studio owners, etc. serve our communities?
  • Acknowledgment of privilege and lack of diversity
  • Getting out of our yoga bubbles

Marriage and LTRs


Family of origin/parents/siblings

  • That famous Ram Das quote 

Relationship with self

  • Svadhyaya (the study OF yourself, not study BY yourself)

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