Yoga Therapeutics for a Healthy Back: Combating Round Shoulders and Forward Head

October 7, 2016    BY Beth Spindler

Join Beth for a therapeutic class that focuses on the upper back, specifically to help combat an overly rounded upper back and shoulders. This class includes a heart-opening, constructive rest pose, a shoulder-opening wall dog, shoulder stretches at the wall, gomukhasana (cow face) arms, and much more. 

Here's to a healthy upper back!

Props: 2 bolsters, a block, a strap, and a blanket

Thank you to JadeYoga, the official mat of Yoga International.

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Beth Spindler
Beth Spinder C-IAYT, ERYT500 is a yoga therapist, teacher, and published writer on yoga related subjects. A frequent contributor to, she has offered yoga therapy in hospitals, clinics, and schools and has been on staff as a yoga therapist at the Himalayan Institute, Omega Institute, and in centers for addiction and recovery. Beth travels worldwide offering inspiring retreats and trainings at Sivananda Ashrams and private retreat centers. She has studied and taught yoga... Read more>>