Yoga to Balance Prana Vayu

July 28, 2014    BY Lynn Matthews

Recharge yourself with this expansive practice focused on prana vayu, inward moving energy. Prana vayu is one of the five aspects of general prana and governs our ability to take in and to rejuvenate ourselves. It rules inhalation and is most active in the area of the heart and lungs. Lynn invites you to focus less on perfecting the poses and more on exploring the breath as you move through this sequence coordinating movement with the breath and retention of breath.

Props: 2 blankets and 2 yoga blocks.

Audio and video downloads are available for Digital Members.

Lynn Matthews
Lynn’s personal experience of yoga’s transformative and healing powers started her on a journey that has allowed her to share this gift with others in ways that are meaningful and have an impact on their lives. She brings compassion, humor and encouragement to her teaching. Lynn enriches her students' experience of yoga by weaving mindfulness, breathwork, meditation, alignment and chanting into her classes. Her intention is to improve the quality of her students' lives and help them reach... Read more>>


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