Yoga to Open the Pelvis

December 20, 2013    BY Lauren Toolin

Use this short sequence to open the pelvis and hips and clean out your basement!  With even exhale and inhale, nourish and cleanse the body, feeling the breath come deep into the hips and lower torso. Enjoy some variations of the lunge and other postures to open the hips and strengthen the lower spine. Props: yoga blocks (2), cushion (optional)

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Lauren Toolin
Lauren Jay Toolin is founder of Yoga Vidya, LLC an educational and experiential resource for your best life ever! She is a senior teacher of ParaYoga, incorporating classical hatha, tantra and ayurveda. She has been teaching for more than twenty years and has certified more than 150 yoga teachers, in her own programs and as director of the worldwide ParaYoga Certification Program. She has been co-teaching Yoga as Medicine (therapy) Trainings with Dr. Timothy McCall since 2008.

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