Yoga With a Chair: Beginners’ Practice

July 21, 2017    BY Wren Doggett

Seeking a gentle and accessible sequence without too much floor work? 

In this balanced 17-minute chair yoga sequence, you'll practice gentle warm-ups, twists, a chair-supported warrior III (among other standing poses), chair dog, legs up the chair, and more.

Thank you to JadeYoga, the official mat of Yoga International.

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Wren Doggett
Wren Doggett is the founder and director of The Lotus Seed yoga teacher training program, with over 500 graduates since 2001. The Lotus Seed's curriculum offers cutting edge philosophies and skills for modern day teachers. The course is based on Vinyasa flow, incorporating an eclectic blend of love, humor and acceptance, emphasizing breath, alignment and body awareness. Wren teaches all ages–from babies to elders and has been studying yoga internationally for over twenty-five years in... Read more>>


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