Yoga and Meditation

The practices of yoga and meditation work in harmony to enhance well-being. Through a Yoga International membership, you can discover the numerous benefits of calming the mind and relaxing the body. We provide guided online meditations in a variety of techniques. We also feature informative articles and tutorials on meditation, plus answers to common questions related to posture, breathing, and mantra. Use our meditation videos to support your practice, anytime, on your schedule. The perfect time for meditating can be right before or after your yoga practice. Whether you are new to meditation or continuing to expand your self-awareness, you can use our resources to learn how to manage distracting thoughts and focus your mind. Experience being in the moment and feeling centered. Explore meditation as part of a balanced yoga lifestyle.

Access Online Meditation Videos and Articles

Discover how to be fully present by accessing our online meditation videos and articles to inspire your practice. Not sure how to meditate? Are you curious about practices like walking meditation? You can stream or download step-by-step techniques to help you cultivate a consistent meditation practice. As a YI member, you’ll have the best meditation resources at your fingertips – whether you wish to nurture creativity, gain perspective, enhance coping skills, or feel more tranquil during everyday life. Stream a meditation video for cultivating a clear, tranquil mind, or relax with an article on meditating today. Membership with Yoga International supports your commitment to health and mindfulness. Join for free now!

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