Hanuman’s Leap: An Imaginative Journey to Front Splits

with Noah Mazé

Style: Hatha Yoga

Duration: 75 min

Intensity: Moderate

Props: Blanket, Blocks, Chair, Strap

Class Description

Prepare to make a gigantic and courageous leap. This step-by-step 90-minute sequence will help you to stabilize and mobilize the hips and tease out a deep hamstring stretch for hanumanasana (front splits).

You'll also learn more about the mythology of Hanuman (the monkey god this pose is named for).

Have a chair, socks, a blanket, blocks, and a strap handy. Enjoy the full experience.

Audio and video downloads are available for Digital Members. Digital Members.

Noah Mazé

Noah Mazé

Noah Mazé has devoted his life to the subject of yoga. Noah is best known for his clear, precise and methodical teaching style, his tangible knowledge, and his ability to transmit with openness,... Read more>>  

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