Yoga for Men: A Short Sequence for Energy and Strength

with Sierra Hollister

Style: Kundalini

Duration: 30 min

Intensity: Moderate

Props: None

Class Description

According to yoga philosophy, we all have solar and lunar energies within us, and this sequence is oriented toward solar energy.

To begin, you'll chant the Adi Mantra: ong namo guru dev namo. After that, you'll move through a heat-building sequence that includes 26 frog poses and 26 flows through a seated forward fold. Then you'll do a practice of sat kriya (a practice said to be so powerful that it can stand alone).

You'll do this sequence and practice of sat kriya two times, and each round of sat kriya will last a total of three minutes. The mantra you'll chant during the sat kriya practice is sat (truth) nam (self), and the mudra you'll practice is venus mudra.

Remember: All you need to bring to the mat is your best effort, not perfection.

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Sierra Hollister

Sierra Hollister

A self-proclaimed “yoga universalist”, Sierra holds teacher certifications in multiple lineages and styles. While loving all yoga paths, Kundalini has been her mainstay. Sierra began her formal... Read more>>  

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