Breath of Life: The Five Prana Vayus

WITH Sandra Anderson

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Because inner healing and awakening begins with understanding and accessing the life force, prana shakti, working with this potent force is the objective of yoga practice. We can explore prana shakti through the prana vayus, the five aspects of prana that animate and integrate the body and mind. During the course of this weekend, we’ll discover how the prana vayus are related to the structure of the body, the chakras, and the mental/ emotional patterns, and we’ll learn how to cultivate sensitivity to the inner pranic flow of intelligence and awareness.

We’ll begin by practicing asanas as yantras—powerful forms that activate and transform the pranic body to sustain our physical structure and our mental/emotional life. With this perspective, we can refine the subtle practices of bandhas and kriyas to direct the flow of specific pranas.
And we can further develop pranic awareness with pranayama to concentrate and intensify prana, and open up the expansive inner world of clarity, tranquility, healing, and empowerment. Topics include:

  • The relationship of the three bandhas and the three granthis (knots) to the physical body and to the five subdivisions of prana
  • Vajra yogini mudra and other hatha yoga practices for mobilizing prana
  • How the shat kriyas, the six cleansing actions, work on the prana vayus
  • Practice of the shat kriyas, asana, and pranayamas targeting the five vayus

What Do We Need to Know About Prana?   

The Prashna Upanishad is composed of six questions and answers about prana, a Sanskrit word meaning “the vital life force that exists in all living things.” Learn where prana is located in the body and how to cultivate and direct it.


The Five Aspects of Prana   


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