Bringing Daily Meditation to Life

WITH Rolf Sovik

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Have you studied meditation but need a review of the fundamentals of practice? Are you striving to bring meditation practice into your daily life? Or do you meditate daily yet remain uncertain about the effectiveness of your practice? This workshop will reinforce your meditation skills and give you confidence in your ability to meditate at home. It offers an opportunity to rehearse the many facets of sitting, breathing, breath awareness, and concentration. Learn to observe your mind and to cultivate a mental focus, even in the midst of distracting thoughts and emotions. Meditate without self-doubt or self-criticism.

Join us to:

  • Take the next step in solidifying a satisfying home meditation practice
  • Refine your awareness of the breath using the serene methods of prana dharana
  • Weave a strong thread of awareness through mantra repetition (japa) and, if you wish, receive a personal mantra
  • Learn how to manage the inner dialogue that arises during meditation

The Student–Teacher Prayer   

“May we be protected and nourished. May we create strength among one another. May this practice be filled with light. May there be no enmity.”


Listen to the Prayers of the Tradition   

Download a PDF of the prayers here.


Motivating Ourselves to Meditate   

Rolf tells the parable of the Sufi pandit who, when asked for identification at the bank, checks his mirror and says, “Yes, it’s me.” This story exemplifies the two ways of knowing: directly and indirectly, being and doing. Knowing ourself as an aspect of being is a process that brings us to meditation. We need to know both how to meditate and how to want to meditate.


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