Living Tantra

Unlock the Power of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation

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Included Courses:

Living Tantra Part 1: Tantric Traditions and Techniques

Tantra is the key to a life of fulfillment and prosperity. This seminar is the gateway to a comprehensive understanding of tantra and how the tantric approach to health, healing, spirituality, and religion empowers us to excel in every aspect of our life. The underlying theme is the awakening of kundalini shakti at the navel center, the foundation of all forms of practice. We will lay the groundwork for this...

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Living Tantra Part 2: The Secret of Tantric Rituals

This is an opportunity to explore the sacred nature of our body and the world around us so we can experience the joy that is our birthright. We will examine the scientific basis for tantric rituals and how these rituals awaken subtle forces of nature, ward off obstacles, and create conditions favorable to both worldly success and spiritual growth. We will explore both the mystery of inner fire, which leads...

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Living Tantra Part 3: Forbidden Tantra

This seminar explores the power of Tantra, an alluring discipline that attracts seekers and scholars while frightening anyone who has built a sold wall between the sacred and mundane, spirtuality and science. We'll focus on the esoteric aspect of Tantra, which has long been used for miraculous healing and removing unmanageable obstacles. These sessions will explore those tantric practices that are baffling to most people, yet immensely rewarding to...

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Living Tantra Part 4: Tantra & Kundalini

The awakening of kundalini shakti is the heart of Tantra. Kundalini shakti, the primordial pool of energy and consciousness, is the living Goddess in the human body. She is an inexhaustible source of power and freedom, healing and nourishment, pleasure and joy. The infusiion of kundalini shakti makes our body a living shrine and empowers us to live fully and joyfully. This seminar focuses on a skillful blend of asanas,...

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Living Tantra Part 5: Tantra & the Lotus of the Heart

In every tradition, the lotus of the heart is seen as the sacred home of God. In the Indian tradition, Brahma the Creator is born of a lotus. The great deities, Maha Vairochana of Tibetan Buddhism and Dainichi Nyori of Shingon Buddhism, make this lotus their abode. And yet many of us experience this sacred home mainly as a tangle of thorns. The experimental seminar takes us to the very...

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Living Tantra Part 6: Sri Vidya—The Embodiment of Tantra

Sri Vidya, the most sublime and rewarding of all tantric paths, leads to a direct experience of ourselves as a wave of beauty and bliss arising from the ocean of pure consciousness. In this seminar, you will come to understand your body as a living shrine and the chakras as altars in that shrine. You will learn how every thought, word, and action is an avenue for spiritual experience. Major...

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