Yoga Sutra Master Course

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Yoga Sutra Master Course: Prep School & Study Groups

We all want to experience fulfillment in life, and we hope that our yoga practice will lead us there. Patanjali's Yoga Sutra is the source wisdom and root of the yoga tradition. We invite you to let it empower you, expand your vision, and breathe new life into your practice through its systematic approach. The Secret of the Yoga Sutra is...

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Yoga Sutra Master Course 1: Mastering the Mind

The Yoga Sutra is as timeless as human nature and outlines the path to self-conquest and freedom. See how the mind works, and how to overcome obstacles and unlock the inherent power of your mind

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Yoga Sutra Master Course 2: Reversing the Wheel of Karma

Mastering the mind, the goal of the Yoga Sutra, requires an understanding of the wheel of karma. Listen as Pandit Tigunait explains with great clarity how karma works in our minds and lives, how it can be reversed, the dynamics of our birth, and our relationship with the Divine. Learn how we create the karmic building blocks of our lives and...

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Yoga Sutra Master Course 3: Discovering Your Luminous Joy

In Discovering Our Luminous Joy, a practice-oriented seminar, Pandit Tigunait unveils the core of the entire Yoga Sutra. Join him as he explains step-by-step the specific contemplative, pranayama, and meditative techniques that lead us to our ultimate goal, and then follow him through guided practice. Discover what is meant by “the lotus of the heart,” how we can access it, and how, by meditating there,...

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Yoga Sutra Master Course 4: Samadhi - Freedom Here & Now

According to the Yoga Sutra, samadhi is not only the highest state of consciousness, but also the process of attaining it. In Samadhi: Freedom Here and Now, Pandit Tigunait charts an amazing journey that brings us growing freedom and inner illumination. Learn how we progress through the stages of lower samadhi as we deepen and refine our practice, what hurdles we may encounter, and what awaits us...

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Yoga Sutra Master Course: Live Streaming Events

Pandit Tigunait leads you step by step through the master practices of the Yoga Sutra’s Sadhana Pada and explains the secrets of raja yoga.

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Yoga Sutra Master Course: Supportive Materials

Do you have questions on the Master Course? Please take advantage of our full-length question-and-answer sessions with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait for each of the four seminars to support your study and find answers to your questions. Browse through the questions for an answer you seek, or watch all the videos for a more comprehensive understanding of the material presented in the Master Course. 

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