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Meditation on the Chakras

WITH Rolf Sovik ON June 5, 2012
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Table of Contents

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1. Aims of the Spiritual Life
2. Turning Methodically Within
3. Bhuta Shuddhi
4. A Devotional Approach
5. Deepening Meditation

Course Description

Chakras, the centers of subtle energy along the spinal column, play a dynamic role in the practice of meditation. They govern regions of human anatomy, sectioning the body into distinct organ systems and anatomical functions. They embody themes of human spiritual development, ranging from primitive human drives to trustful surrender to God. They symbolize various forces of divinity, manifesting in mantric sounds and yantric geometrics. And they act as reference points in meditation practice—centers of concentration and purification. Cultivating sensitivity to these energy centers enables you to explore new dimensions of inner life. In this seminar, you will learn to:

  • Identify the various chakras within you and explore the various levels of meaning in their symbolism
  • Systematically practice a core method of tantric self-purification called bhuta shuddhi (purification of the elemental forces of personality)
  • Use the chakras as reference points for systematic relaxation practice, restoring energy, and overcoming symptoms of stress
  • Establish awareness of the column of vital energy within you and settle on one of the chakras for daily meditation

This eCourse is part of the 100–Hour Yoga Sadhana Training

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