Fire and Ice: Yoga to Balance the Extremes

WITH Shari Friedrichsen

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Extremes can entrench us in our habits and trap us in our comfort zones. However, we can use these extremes to see where we have become internally frozen or inflamed. This seminar will provide the tools and means to temper our internal weather—to thaw the frozen habits that bind us to fear and sorrow and to soothe the inflammation that traps us in reaction. Our practice is a means of bringing the cooling balm of compassion and the warmth of kindness where it is needed, and of allowing us to recognize and open to the places within where we are frozen or inflamed. A core principle of yoga is that the external world is a reflection of our internal state. As we heal ourselves, our sense of well-being reflects outward into the world through our discernment, compassion, attitudes, and relationships. Our personal healing is the first step toward healing the world around us.

Tools for turning us toward inner healing include:

  • Strengthening and balancing postures
  • Cleansing and nourishing pranayama
  • Techniques for cultivating a richer and deeper meditation practice

Identifying the Need for Healing—Fire and Ice Within Us   


Tools for Healing   


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