Karma and Reincarnation

Reshaping Our Destiny

WITH Pandit Rajmani Tigunait
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The Power, Freedom, and Privilege of Reincarnation

Reincarnation vs. Rebirth

Mind, the Greatest Mystery

Finding Freedom Within

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Understanding the dynamics of karma is the foundation for using our present circumstances to shape a joyful future. Take this opportunity to refine your knowledge of the dynamics of karma, the role of the mind in creating karma, and the part karma plays in rebirth. Course objectives include:

  • Exploring the karmic consequences of neglecting to make full use of the power and privileges unique to human life
  • Examining the difference between ordinary karmas and special karmas; individual karmas and group karmas; and how we can use these various karmas to redesign our destiny
  • Learning how to use tantra, mantra, kundalini, and ayurveda to attain freedom from karmic bondage
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