Kundalini: Inner Healing for a Troubled World

WITH Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

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Kundalini shakti, the primordial pool of energy and consciousness lying dormant in us, is an inexhaustible source of healing, nourishment, vitality, and joy. By making skillful use of that aspect of kundalini shakti which is already awake—called prana shakti—we can further awaken our kundalini shakti and heal the negativity in the depths of our mind and heart by connecting with our own inner essence. This course will expand your understanding and experience of prana shakti and provide the tools for concentrating and focusing it to further awaken kundalini shakti.

Major topics include:

  • How our karmas force kundalini to remain dormant
  • How to clear the karmic impurities that keep kundalini from awakening
  • The relationship between the two aspects of prana— active prana shakti and dormant kundalini shakti
  • How to focus the active prana shakti to awaken kundalini shakti at the manipura chakra with agni sara and other hatha yoga practices
  • Unique and powerful hatha yoga practices to awaken prana shakti, including vajra yogini mudra, ganesha mudra, yoga mudra, surya bhedi and bhastrika pranayama
  • How to infuse your meditation practice with prana shakti
  • How to make your lifestyle choices—balanced living, hatha yoga, prayer, selfless service, and meditation— a means of awakening kundalini shakti

Ganesha and Batuka Bhairava Invocation   

Invocation for Ganesha


The confusion regarding whether reality is dual or non-dual is like a dense, dark night. Like the sun, O Ganesha, you are the one who destroys the darkness of that confusion. Hail to Ganesha, accompanied by his shakti Dūtari!

(Dūtarī is the most primordial shakti who invites and brings the flow of intuition and revelation into the field of our consciousness.)

Invocation for Batuka Bhairava


Shining like the moon, Batuka Bhairava is the spontaneous and joyous manifestation of intuitive and revealed knowledge. Accompanied by his shakti Dūtī, and dancing vigorously, may Batuka Bhairava walk into our lives victoriously.

(Dūtī is the shakti representing the unobstructed flow of intuition and revelation.)


Kundalini: Our Vast Potential Energy   


Our Wealth of Shakti and How It Manifests   


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