Restorative Teacher Training

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Digital Manual

6 CEUs Upon

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Unlock the Power of Restorative Yoga

Learn everything you need to know about the grounding and inherently restful practice of Restorative Yoga.

Do you love restorative yoga? So much so that you’d like to teach it to others? Or perhaps you’d simply like to add more restorative postures into your home practice, but you’re not quite sure where to start. In either case, we have the course for you! Join world-renowned teacher Cyndi Lee for a comprehensive restorative yoga teacher training program.

Cyndi's expert, yet accessible approach will give you all of the skills and understanding you need to confidently practice and teach restorative yoga!

In this 6-hour course, you will learn:

  • Comprehensive restorative pose breakdowns
  • How to work with different body sizes, shapes, abilities
  • How to sequence a class for energizing and quieting
  • Two complete restorative yoga sequences
  • Two Buddhist meditation practices
  • Prop hacks for when you don’t have traditional props on hand
  • Principles and alignments of restorative yoga
  • How/when to introduce a restorative pose into an active class
  • Common teaching obstacles and how to overcome them

You will receive a digital certificate upon completion of this course!

The Ultimate Resource for Your Restorative Practice

In addition to 6+ hours of video content, the Restorative Teacher Training Manual is also included with this course. This 15-page PDF is a well-organized and easy-to-navigate resource full of instruction, insight, tips, and inspiration from Cyndi's course. Use this manual to unlock the richness of restorative yoga, become more familiar yourself, and discover how to work with, and ultimately care for, others.

The Studio Experience, Wherever You Are!

Students travel the world over to learn restorative yoga from Cyndi Lee. Now, for the first time ever, you can take Cyndi's expertise with you on-the-go.

“Cyndi is widely regarded as one of the best in the world and I can see why. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very accessible, and she kept everything light hearted, but at the same time focused. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who needs it, whether you’re a teacher or not.”


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Get a Free Preview of Cyndi's New Course!

In this 10-minute class from Cyndi Lee's Restorative Teacher Training course, learn a relaxing forward-folding pose and multiple ways to prop it for all different bodies and abilities. Learn how to become a creative master of restorative yoga poses and props!

Teachers: Get 6 Continuing Education Credits

Yoga Alliance requires all yoga teachers to accumulate at least 30 hours of continuing education every three years. They recently changed their continuing education requirements to allow 20 hours of online yoga studies to count towards this requirement.

Restorative Yoga Training will fulfill 6 of these online study hours. Get Cyndi's new course and you will receive a certificate of completion after you take a brief completion quiz. This is a great way to expand your teaching and develop your practice while completing your Yoga Alliance CE requirement.

Practice at Your Own Pace with Cyndi Lee

Cyndi Lee has been teaching yoga since 1978 and leading teacher trainings since 1997. Founder of OM yoga and owner of Yoga Goodness studio, she is considered an authentic, approachable, and relatable teacher with a wealth of knowledge about yoga and meditation to share.

Cyndi is the author of “Yoga Body, Buddha Mind” and “May I Be Happy: A Memoir of Love, Yoga, and Changing My Mind.” A practitioner of both hatha yoga and Tibetan Buddhism, she has been been featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and other television shows as well in as numerous publications such as The Wall Street Journal; The New York Times; Vogue and Time Out.

When she's not in her studio, Cyndi writes for Yoga International, Yoga Journal, Shambhala Sun, Tricycle, Dance Magazine, Natural Health, Mindful and many other publications.

Restorative Teacher Training

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