Tantra: A Foundation for Practice

WITH Sandra Anderson

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Understanding and practicing tantra can empower your life and your spiritual practice by enabling you to activate your inner life force. Discover how your yoga practice is related to the esoteric, exotic, and comprehensive world of tantra, and take your practice to the next level. In lecture and practice sessions, we’ll explore the key concepts and practices of Living Tantra, including the pivotal role of prana shakti in tantra and in yoga practice.

Topics include:

  • Why tantra is relevant in today’s world and what it has to offer you
  • The tantric worldview and the purpose of tantric practices
  • Key concepts: prana shakti, apurva, kundalini, karmashaya, and more
  • The role of prana shakti and kundalini shakti
  • Practical practices for working with kundalini awakening
  • Techniques to enhance prana dharana and other Living Tantra practices
  • Refining your hatha practice to facilitate pranic awareness
  • Gaining access to the manipura and ajna chakras—why and how
  • Understanding rituals and their relationship to the forces of nurturance
  • Understanding the relationship of rituals to yoga practices such as meditation and asana

Course Overview: What Defines Tantra?   


Three Aspects: Philosophical, Practical, Lifestyle   


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