The Heart of Practice Conference

Asana and Beyond with Rod Styker, Doug Keller, Cyndi Lee, Sally Kempton, and Gary Kraftsow

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Take Five Thought-Provoking Workshops With Some of the Greatest Minds in Modern Yoga

The Heart of Practice Conference: Asana and Beyond brings together master teachers Rod Stryker, Sally Kempton, Doug Keller, Cyndi Lee, and Gary Kraftsow. Their collective knowledge provides a road map for how you can use your practice to create personal transformation on the levels of the mind, body, and spirit.

This online conference was filmed live and consists of five inspiring workshops that integrate both lecture and practice. This is a multifaceted experience that includes more than just asana, encompassing anatomy, mantra, meditation, chanting, and pranayama practices. It also includes an exclusive panel discussion where the presenters offer their perspectives on contemporary issues in the yoga world.

In this conference, you’ll get:

  • Fifteen hours of content with five of the world’s most celebrated yoga teachers
  • Slides that contain key points from the lectures so that you don't have to take notes
  • Practical tools to enhance your practice and/or teaching
  • Guided practices designed to remind you of the power and wisdom in your heart
  • Thoughtful and passionate discussions on timely topics related to modern yoga

What makes these workshops so powerful?

  • In Pranayama Is More Than the Breath, Doug Keller shares how pranayama developed in the tantric tradition of hatha yoga. In this workshop, you’ll explore the subtle energies of the breath and learn how you can use them to deepen your meditation practice.
  • In Empowering the Heart, Rod Stryker teaches you how to gain access to the lotus of the heart through asana, bandha, mudra, pranayama, meditation, self-inquiry, and contemplation. This powerful work can help you discover more joy, stability, clarity, and a deeper knowledge of the state of yoga.
  • In The Wisdom of Goddess Empowerment: Working With Deity Energies for Healing and Transformation, Sally Kempton teaches you how to use the transformative power of goddess energy in your yoga practice to activate the divine feminine energy within.
  • In Chakras and Emotional Health with Gary Kraftsow, you’ll learn about the emotional characteristics associated with each chakra, and how to begin recognizing imbalances when strong emotions arise and remain. Gary also shares practices that can help you cultivate feelings of tranquility, courage, compassion, and joy.
  • In Practice as Refuge, Not Escape, Cyndi Lee teaches you practices you can do when your world feels upside down. You’ll learn how to be comfortable with not knowing, how to connect to stability and meaning amid chaos, and how to transform stress and fear through the power of self-love.

Meet The Presenters

Doug Keller

Doug’s yoga journey includes 14 years of practicing in Siddha Yoga ashrams, intensive training in the Iyengar and Anusara methods, and nearly a decade of teaching in the U.S. and abroad.

“The self of every human being, the self of every being, is equally divine.” —Doug Keller


Rod Stryker

Rod is widely recognized as one of the country’s leading authorities on the ancient traditions of yoga, tantra, and meditation. He has trained teachers for over 35 years and currently leads retreats, workshops, and trainings worldwide.

“Yoga is revealing the deeper truth and essence of what it is that we truly seek in our hearts.” —Rod Stryker


Sally Kempton

Sally received intensive training in the texts of Vedanta, yoga, and the north Indian tantric tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, and taught courses around the world. She currently leads workshops, retreats, teleclasses and has written two books, “The Heart of Meditation” and “Awakening Shakti”.

“Find in every experience the path that turns you back to the Self.” —Sally Kempton


Gary Kraftsow

Gary has been a pioneer in the transmission of yoga for health, healing, and personal transformation for over 40 years and is known as a leading expert in yoga therapy.

“The job of a good teacher is to help uncover the treasure that is already inside of you.” —Gary Kraftsow


Cyndi Lee

Cyndi Lee is one of the first female Western yoga teachers to fully integrate yoga asana and Tibetan Buddhism in her practice and teaching. She’s been teaching yoga for 40 years and meditation for over 20 years.

“Yoga is a vehicle to connecting to your basic goodness.” —Cyndi Lee



Teachers: Get 15 Continuing Education Credits

Yoga Alliance requires all yoga teachers to accumulate at least 30 hours of continuing education every three years. 20 online hours are allowed to count toward this requirement.

Fulfilling 15 of these study hours is as easy as logging into the Yoga Alliance website and entering your hours after you’ve completed The Heart of Practice Conference: Asana and Beyond. Continue your yoga education with this course and more from the Yoga International library!

The Heart of Practice Conference

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