The Mystery and Power of Mantra

The Mystery and Power of Mantra

WITH Rolf Sovik
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Course Description

Mantra: Bridge to the Inner World

Mind and Mantra

Seeds of Healing

Initiation and Grace

The Dynamics of Mantra Practice

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Mantras serve as prayers, as resources for contemplation, and as pure sounds linking awareness to higher states of being. It is rewarding to know more about these various aspects of mantra practice and to link the use of mantras to your spiritual aspirations. This seminar is an opportunity to learn how mantras act as forces for healing and how they serve as supports for collecting and concentrating the energies of the mind. We will explore the meaning of various mantras used in the Himalayan tradition and learn to cultivate a deeper relationship with the mantra you use for meditation through japa practice (mantra repetition). Join us to:

  • Gain a clearer understanding of the role of mantra in your meditation practice
  • Learn the subtleties of japa practice and discover how mantras become spontaneous outpourings of sound
  • Discover which mantra might be appropriate for you and, if you like, receive a personal mantra for your practice
  • Explore the role of mantra meditation to assist in purifying your mind and sharpening your intellect

What We Want to Accomplish   

Rolf previews the gradual awakening of the spiritual aspiration within, the rationale for studying mantra science, and the goals we might expect as a result of this profound practice.


Prayer Gives Voice to a Longing   

The impetus for prayer in daily life may be for a purer relationship with the Divine, to experience grace, to give thanks, to surrender, to ask forgiveness. Prayer can be personal and informal with words we choose, or it can be formal recitation of the words of others, like Psalm 23. The progression of prayer is toward silence, engaging the Divine in a way we call meditative.


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