The Mystery of Willpower and Trustful Surrender

A Study of the Tantric Masterpiece Tripura Rahasya

WITH Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

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The Tripura Rahasya is a dialogue between two great masters, Dattatreya and Parashurama. These two masters embody a vast range of human experience, and their dialogue answers such compelling questions as: Why do some of us succeed in life while others struggle in vain? Why do some of our intentions bear fruit and others remain barren? Why do some of us meet a teacher and receive guidance while others don’t? Why do some of us have a clear mind, sharp intellect, indomitable will, and unwavering conviction in Divine Providence, while others lack these essential tools?

This scripture tells us how to discover the divinity within us, and how to infuse both our inner and outer worlds with divine light so we can live with purpose and meaning.

Major topics include:

  • How Parashurama met his master; learned the art of forgiveness; disciplined his thought, speech, and action; and eventually became established in his pure being
  • The art of cultivating willpower without falling prey to ego
  • The art of cultivating trustful surrender without falling prey to inertia
  • The tantric model for designing a lifestyle that will make us vibrant, productive, self-confident, and fearless on one hand, and humble, generous, and compassionate on the other

Ganesha and Batuka Bhairava Invocation   

Invocation for Ganesha


The confusion regarding whether reality is dual or non-dual is like a dense, dark night. Like the sun, O Ganesha, you are the one who destroys the darkness of that confusion. Hail to Ganesha, accompanied by his shakti Dūtari!

(Dūtarī is the most primordial shakti who invites and brings the flow of intuition and revelation into the field of our consciousness.)

Invocation for Batuka Bhairava


Shining like the moon, Batuka Bhairava is the spontaneous and joyous manifestation of intuitive and revealed knowledge. Accompanied by his shakti Dūtī, and dancing vigorously, may Batuka Bhairava walk into our lives victoriously.

(Dūtī is the shakti representing the unobstructed flow of intuition and revelation.)


Manuscript Mystery   


We Are Far More Than We See   


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