Wheels of Life: Chakras in Theory and Practice

with Sandra Anderson

7 Hours
to Complete

Receive a Full

7 CEUs Upon

Course Access

Learn how to work with the chakras through the practices of yoga, and how these practices can gradually transform us at all levels.

Chakras are us! And that is why it’s a very good thing to know more about them and about how to work with them for our benefit. These centers of energy and consciousness are the foundation of every aspect of our being, and they map out our journey to fulfillment and enlightenment. Take an in-depth look at the chakras—the symbols that represent them and the ways in which the chakras underlie our physical, energetic, mental, and emotional functioning and our evolving consciousness.

In this 7 hour digital course, you will learn about:

  • How the chakras are intertwined with prana (active energy), kundalini (dormant energy), and the koshas (sheaths covering our pure being)
  • The chakras' relationship to the spine, endocrine gland system, and senses
  • Key concepts: prana shakti, apurva, kundalini, karmashaya, and more
  • Asana and pranayama practices to strengthen and integrate the body, reshape prana, and activate energy at certain chakras.
  • How the chakras shape our emotions and how meditation can help us bring balance to our emotional life and instinctive urges

Sandra Anderson

For over 20 years Sandra Anderson has shared her extensive experience in yoga theory and practice with students from all over the world. A senior faculty member and resident at the Himalayan Institute, her teaching reflects access to the living oral tradition, and the embodied experience of 30 years of dedicated practice.

With a background in the natural sciences and interest in classical Sanskrit, along with frequent pilgrimages to India, Sandy has a rare capacity to eloquently convey the richness of spiritual life in our contemporary world. She is the coauthor of the award-winning book, Yoga Mastering the Basics, and was a contributing editor and columnist for Yoga International magazine. She is now a frequent contributor to YogaInternational.com, offering instructional videos and articles. Sandy leads workshops, trainings and retreats both nationally and internationally, and at the headquarters of the Himalayan Institute.

Wheels of Life: Chakras in Theory and Practice

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