Y12SR: The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery Training
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Online training combining the wisdom of yoga with the practical tools of 12-step programs.


For teachers, students, or anyone who wants to better understand addiction and recovery.


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In this training, you will learn:


  • How addiction affects the brain.
  • Trauma’s impact on the body and the nervous system.
  • How the dis-ease of addiction affects people and how to move from disconnection to connection.
  • How to apply the principles of the Yoga Sutra to the 12-step program to encourage healing.
  • How to bring Y12SR into your own community.
  • An overview of the 12-step program.
  • The next steps to becoming a Y12SR Leader.

Meet the Founder

“The 12-step program and yoga saved my life….one is my lifeboat, the other my launching pad.”

Through treatment for a substance addiction in 1987, I was introduced to the 12-step program. It absolutely saved my life. I returned to school, co-founded a business, and co-authored a patent. Then, after eight years in recovery I relapsed.

After another bout in hell, I came back to 12-step-based recovery. During this period, I began a deep re-immersion in the study of yoga, and stopped my 12-step program practices to use only yoga philosophy and practices as my support. Four years after the first relapse, I relapsed again.

It was after that second relapse that I realized at least for me, there had to be a union between the cognitive approach to addiction recovery offered by 12-step programs, and the somatic approach to healing offered through yoga. Y12SR is just that.

It has been a big journey to reintegrate all parts of myself – to accept without judgement all the various experiences that make up my whole – and come to radical self-acceptance. There are many addicts in recovery just like me who are dealing with levels of disconnection that have roots way beyond the cognitive. Two-thirds of American families are either dealing with an addiction themselves, or are affected by someone in their lives who has an addiction.

In the 12-step program, there is a saying: “You can’t keep what you have without giving it away.” Y12SR is bigger than me, and I have to share this with others to serve the greater whole.

- Nikki Myers

What Leading Yoga Teachers Are Saying


"Nikki is raw, authentic, generous, funny, open-hearted, and brilliant and gives all of herself to this work and to her students. I'm in awe of her commitment and her love. I cannot recommend her work enough and know that anyone who works with her will cultivate the essential skills to support them on their own path of healing and embodied recovery."

— Seane Corn

"Nikki is a dedicated student, an inspired and passionate teacher, and a masterful trainer of teachers. She is committed to the ongoing study and practice of yoga and sharing its life-changing benefits with those working to overcome addictive behavior. I was honored to have her as a student in the Viniyoga teacher and therapists training programs, and am honored to have her as a friend."

— Gary Kraftsow

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